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White Collar Season 6: Matt Bomer Reveals it’s ‘The Pink Panthers’ Storyline in Final Season

Matt Bomer, who plays con-man Neal Caffrey in “White Collar,” has been spilling details about the show’s final season. He recently revealed that the storyline of the final season will feature the legendary diamond-thieving gang, The Pink Panthers. The actor has also provided his input for the final episode of the final season.  

The Emmy nominated actor revealed to TV Line that the storyline of the final season will “revolve around the greatest crime ring in the world.” It is called “The Pink Panthers,” a group that actually exists in the real world.

The Guardian'report, published in September 2013, called 'The Pink Panthers' “the most successful diamond-thieving gang in history.” The report said that this criminal gang had committed, till that time, around 341 armed robberies and thefts around the world, with an “estimated value of stolen goods of ¤330m.”

According to The Guardian report, this gang’s “exploits have become the stuff of legend.” They have committed crime, with precision, in London, Tokyo, Geneva, Singapore and in many more countries.

"The gang, a loosely affiliated network of an estimated 200 to 220 people, pull off jobs with precision and style, dressing as golfers for one job, Hawaiian tourists for another, workmen for one more," The Guardian report said.  

This year, ‘The Pink Panthers’ hit the headlines when it was reported that an alleged leader of the gang was arrested in Spain. According to reports, this 33-year-old leader, Borko Ilincic, was wanted over a spectacular £2.5 million diamond heist in Dubai in 2007.    

Bomer told TV Line, “Neal is trying to become a mole in their organisation [Pink Pathers] in order to get his freedom from the FBI.” He also revealed that some old characters are set to return, while new characters will also be introduced. “Drama ensues,” the actor said.

In Season 5 of “White Collar,” the top bosses of FBI rejected Peter’s recommendation to set free Neal, as he had become an asset. The final moments of Season 5 saw the abduction of Neal by an unknown person.

The filming of “White Collar” final season is all set to wrap-up soon. The cast and crew have begun filming the final episode.  

Willie Garson, who plays Mozzie, shared on Twitter: “Shot first scene of the FINAL episode of @WhiteCollarUSA this morning……this is now real, unfortunate, and depressing…..”






  • who is more dominant in the bedroom?: Peteeer, but Neal is more creative. (Though, surprisingly, Peter has done most of the shit Neal suggests. Because Elizabeth is verryyy kinky)
  • who complains the most?: Neal! About his suits and the lack of good coffee, and he pouts whenever Peter says something about his hat. Though, Peter complains about Neal a lot too
  • who’s the laziest?: I think Neal always wants to be doing something, even if it looks like he’s being lazy. Whereas if Peter isn’t working he stays in his boxers and drinks shitty beer and hangs out with his dog.
  • who wakes up the earliest?: Neal, naturally. But Peter if he has work, though he grumbles the whole time.
  • who does the chores around the house?: Neal likes things to be neat…but only for like. His section. He will tell Peter to clean up but he won’t do it unless he’s looking for something.
  • who is the most protective of the other?: They’re both hella protective of each other, man. Peter has his gun and just. “He’s my con man, ok?” And Neal is like all puppy eyes I stole this for you because I like you.
  • who gets jealous the easiest?: Neal is possessive but he’s not a jealous person. Whereas Peter is a jealous and possessive person. It makes things hard when Neal has to flirt to get information
  • and a song or group of songs that describes the ship: if we ever meet again - timbaland & katy perry, dontcha - pussycat dolls (lol what is serious music)


nothing makes me laugh more than thinking about the fact that neal used to send peter birthday cards all those years when he was being chased by him

make me choose: [shirtless edition] paul dierden or peter burke?


Neal: It’s good to hear your voice, Peter.
Peter: *smiles wide* Yeah, it’s good to hear yours.

memorable neal & peter scenes → 1.08 hard sell


2014 7/7 Matt Bomer and Willie Garson filming “White Collar” Season 6 in New York. 

We always have fun and I can’t remember a day we have not been laughing and having a good time… We’re grateful for every day we get to work together. That’s certainly how I feel. It’s just been easy and fun from day one for me.  - Matt Bomer on working with Tim DeKay [x]


the daily edition

the always handsome Matt Bomer filming White Collar in NYC


2014 7/8 Marsha Thomason: On set with @mattbomer @maccageezer @MrYoungCraig LauraRamsey @hodsha and my little munchkin having a good old look at Ross. (X)


2014 7/8 Marsha Thomason: On set with @mattbomer @maccageezer @MrYoungCraig LauraRamsey @hodsha and my little munchkin having a good old look at Ross. (X)

White Collar 6 set (july 9, 2014) [x][x][x][x][x]