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White Collar’ season 6 spoilers: Ending to be surprising and satisfying

The final season of “White Collar” is just around the corner. And although it is such a bittersweet goodbye, it’s lead star Matt Bomer says that the ending is one that will satisfy fans.

Bomer plays Neal Caffrey, the very intelligent con-man who was hired to help the White Collar division to bust some criminals. Caffrey has secrets of his own, but what’s more important is the relationship he has built with Peter and Mozzie.

In the recently held 2014 Emmy Primetime Awards, TV Line had a short chat with Bomer and asked about the final season of “White Collar.”

"I think we tried to give them [fans] something that would be in typical ‘White Collar’ form … and shock them, surprise them, and leave them on the edge of their seats. I hope we accomplish that," said Bomer.

The season 5 finale ended with Caffrey being captured. No one knows who his captor is. Season 6 picks up from this event and in the first episode, Peter and Mozzie will look for Caffrey. They will be successful in doing so and Caffrey will be back at work by episode 2, according to IBT.

Spoilers for season 6 say that the team will take on The Pink Panthers, a criminal gang that operates globally. Further, Neil already learned that Peter’s bosses at FBI rejected Caffrey’s application to be a free man, especially that he has helped the White Collar division in many ways.

The cast and crew of the show have finished filming and Bomer admits that it was a hard goodbye for everyone. He described the farewell as “cathartic” and also said that “they really liked each other.. it was hard to say goodbye,” to TV Line.

"White Collar" Season 6 is set to premiere winter of 2015. There will only be six episodes in the final season.




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You deserved that Emmy Matt.

I know this is a White Collar tumblr, but I’m not okay with the Emmys.

Poor Peter. lol

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Please, give us a hug in season 6.
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Please, give us a hug in season 6.

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