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White Collar Obsession


  • who is more dominant in the bedroom?: Peteeer, but Neal is more creative. (Though, surprisingly, Peter has done most of the shit Neal suggests. Because Elizabeth is verryyy kinky)
  • who complains the most?: Neal! About his suits and the lack of good coffee, and he pouts whenever Peter says something about his hat. Though, Peter complains about Neal a lot too
  • who’s the laziest?: I think Neal always wants to be doing something, even if it looks like he’s being lazy. Whereas if Peter isn’t working he stays in his boxers and drinks shitty beer and hangs out with his dog.
  • who wakes up the earliest?: Neal, naturally. But Peter if he has work, though he grumbles the whole time.
  • who does the chores around the house?: Neal likes things to be neat…but only for like. His section. He will tell Peter to clean up but he won’t do it unless he’s looking for something.
  • who is the most protective of the other?: They’re both hella protective of each other, man. Peter has his gun and just. “He’s my con man, ok?” And Neal is like all puppy eyes I stole this for you because I like you.
  • who gets jealous the easiest?: Neal is possessive but he’s not a jealous person. Whereas Peter is a jealous and possessive person. It makes things hard when Neal has to flirt to get information
  • and a song or group of songs that describes the ship: if we ever meet again - timbaland & katy perry, dontcha - pussycat dolls (lol what is serious music)


nothing makes me laugh more than thinking about the fact that neal used to send peter birthday cards all those years when he was being chased by him

make me choose: [shirtless edition] paul dierden or peter burke?


Neal: It’s good to hear your voice, Peter.
Peter: *smiles wide* Yeah, it’s good to hear yours.

memorable neal & peter scenes → 1.08 hard sell


2014 7/7 Matt Bomer and Willie Garson filming “White Collar” Season 6 in New York. 

We always have fun and I can’t remember a day we have not been laughing and having a good time… We’re grateful for every day we get to work together. That’s certainly how I feel. It’s just been easy and fun from day one for me.  - Matt Bomer on working with Tim DeKay [x]


the daily edition

the always handsome Matt Bomer filming White Collar in NYC


2014 7/8 Marsha Thomason: On set with @mattbomer @maccageezer @MrYoungCraig LauraRamsey @hodsha and my little munchkin having a good old look at Ross. (X)


2014 7/8 Marsha Thomason: On set with @mattbomer @maccageezer @MrYoungCraig LauraRamsey @hodsha and my little munchkin having a good old look at Ross. (X)

White Collar 6 set (july 9, 2014) [x][x][x][x][x]

He ran away; like an impudent child chasing after an untethered balloon. - Mozzie, with the most accurate description of Neal ever.

what the final season of White Collar will bring?

Ausiello: Mozzie’s (invisible) better half. In the final season’s fourth episode, we will not only learn that the con man has a wife, but we’ll meet her! Her name’s Eva, and she and the hubs haven’t laid eyes on each other in five years. Should be an interesting reunion.


Previews White Collar’s ‘Hitchcockian’ Ending

TVLINE | Does something like The Normal Heart make you want to do more films now that White Collar is wrapping up? Or do you see yourself returning to TV again?
I believe in story, and I don’t think there’s any stigma attached to any one medium anymore. I feel like a lot of the best writing is actually happening on television. So it depends on where the good stories and the good roles are. If they’re on TV and that’s where the opportunity is for me, then that’s where I’ll go. If they’re on film, then that’s where I’ll go. If they’re on stage, then that’s where I’ll go.

White Collar Series FinaleTVLINE | How is filming going on White Collar? Does it feel different being the last season?
Yeah. There’s this undercurrent of I don’t want to say sadness, but… What’s the French word…? We’re all having a blast working together. It’s just like old times like it’s always been, but underneath it all, we all know that we’re going to have to say goodbye. We’re all dreading that moment because we have been such a close-knit unit for six years. So it’ll be sad to say goodbye. All good things must come to an end!

TVLINE | Yes! I’m a strong believer in that when it comes to television.
It depends on where you are and where the writers are in terms of what stories they want to tell. I feel like we probably could have told some more, but those are decisions that are way above my paygrade. In the meantime, I’m just going to come to work and try to make as many great memories as I can and enjoy what’s left of our time together. I know a lot of the relationships that I’ve formed here are ones that I’ll have in my life forever.

TVLINE | Last we talked, you mentioned that you had some input into the ending. Is it full of closure? Or does it leave the door open for maybe a TV movie at some point?
I can’t say too much on that. The ending that they came up with was collaborative — I don’t want to take sole credit or anything — but it was nice that they were willing to listen to the input. … I’m not a big fan of series endings that wrap everything up into a nice bow. I love that Hitchcockian element of believing that people’s imaginations are more potent than anything you can spell out for them. The writers have done a really good job of creating an ending that leaves a lot open to interpretation.